Enersys Reserve Power Telecom

EnerSys offers an extensive range of premium flooded and valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries to serve the telecommunications market. This range of batteries offers design features, such as exceptional performance, long life, compact footprint, high energy density and ease of installation, which make them ideally suited for a wide range of telecom applications, including central office, outside plant and wireless.

Haze Front Access Terminal Telecom Battery

HAZE BATTERY Company manufactures battery for mission-critical Telecom and Standby Power applications. At HAZE, we focus our industry-leading capabilities on customer needs by offering a wide range of battery products.

Haze Top Terminal Telecom Battery

NorthStar Telecom Battery


NorthStar batteries are used in more than 120 countries around the world. Each country poses a unique challenge, in terms of grid availability, operating temperatures, and power requirements. Even in developed countries with very stable grids, power failures can strike at any time.

BAE Batteries

BAE Batteries USA serves the growing backup power requirements of our North American based customers. Headquartered in Somerset WI [near Minneapolis/St. Paul], BAE Batteries USA provides a full line of stationary VLA and VRLA products in addition to micro-processor based battery chargers.