Shop Repairs

Regular inspection and maintenance reduces the likelihood of unexpected failure and costly repairs.

Battery Wash Service

Acid corrosion causes surface shorts that continually discharge your battery causing overheating, overcharging, and possible cell failure. This may also cause serious problems or failure of electronic controls on your lift trucks.

Battery and Charger Inspections

EPS performs inspections to help your facilities experience improved battery performance, safer operation, higher productivity and extended life.

Additional Services

EPS provides numerous services that can be customized to fit your needs and schedule.



Complete line of Parts for DC applications including:

Auto/Deep Cycle Products Battery Boxes Booster Packs Chemicals Connecting Cables
Inverters Single Point Watering Terminals and Fuse Holders Tools and Testers Battery Cables
Battery Cleaning Battery Connectors Battery Handling Battery Replacement Cells Battery Room Supplies
Battery Room Tools Booster Packs Cables and Wiring Charge Controls Charger Cables
Charger Parts Chargers DC/DC Converters Deionizers Fuses – AC & DC
Indicators & Gauges Intercell Connectors Renewable Energy Repair Parts Safety Items
Single Point Watering Spill Products Terminal & ICC Covers Used Equipment Vent Caps
Watering Accessories Watering Carts Watering Guns Jumper Cables Clamps