Engineered Power Systems (EPS) can assume complete responsibility for de-installation, removal and disposal of any battery to include obtaining permits, rigging and staging, transportation and disposal.



Battery Recycling Program

Our complete battery recycling program makes it easy for you to help preserve our environment, and to protect yourself from the penalties of noncompliance. As a major manufacturer of lead-acid batteries, Yuasa-General Battery and EPS assume the responsibilities of leadership regarding battery recycling. We do so as part of our commitment to total battery service and customer protection.

Can You Afford Liability?

As a battery purchaser and user, you are ultimately responsible for any environmental damage that may occur from the improper disposal of your batteries. The EPA says thermal recovery (recycling) is the only environmentally responsible disposition method.

Liability for cleanup is retroactive, strict, joint, and several. The EPA can sue anyone and everyone they can trace to a Superfund site. When big polluters are sued, they in turn reach back to sue everyone they can find who contributed to the problem. You may be responsible for huge cleanup expenses, no matter who landfilled or improperly treated your batteries-even years down the road. How much cleanup expense could you afford?